Mystery Hunt

Mystery Hunt Mystery Hunt is a geolocational, augmented reality mobile game for players who want to be entertained during idle times whether alone or with a social group. Players can unlock mystery boxes in various Vancouver neighbourhoods. Inside the box are coins (in-game currency), collectibles and coupons, depending on the random draw of the player.… Read More

The Last Crystal

The Last Crystal Co-op Adventure Game - To be released on PC/Mac & Nintendo Switch in October 2021 The Last Crystal is a couch co-op adventure game with open exploration, real-time action combat and cooperative puzzles. Team up to explore a magic world with its lively forest, dark caves and cursed temple. Defeat epic foes with unique powers… Read More

Game Assets & Concept Art

Concept art I have been creating concept art and 2D assets for games, websites & apps for my freelance jobs and personal hobbies since 2011. Here are some examples of them. TYPE Freelance jobs & Personal projects DURATION Since 2011 Read More