Corporate Communication

From July 2012 to December 2015, I joined Rolls-Royce Power Systems in Singapore as the Marketing & Communications Executive. During this time, I managed various projects in marketing and communication, taking care of the company’s events and communication activities in Asia-Pacific. With regard to content development, I created and designed the first in-house newsletter for local employees, conducting photoshoots and interviews with heads of department, coordinating important announcements from the Management. I wrote articles for global communication platforms, developed content for the organization’s Intranet and other social media sites. My experience with marketing, communication and branding allows me to understand how to develop content that matches with the brand identity for different types of media and different markets, in order to attract the most audiences for the company.

Professional work
Rolls-Royce Power Systems' employees in Singapore, global Rolls-Royce employees, product distributors, customers