About me

Hi, my name is Helen Lien Nguyen. I am a 2D Designer and Marketing & Communications Specialist. I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Communications & New Media from the National University of Singapore (NUS), worked as the Marketing & Communications Executive for Rolls-Royce Power Systems – Asia Pacific- for 3 years, and then completed a Master Degree in Digital Media in Vancouver. Upon graduating, I’ve been working as the Marketing Specialist & Graphic Designer for the Centre for Digital Media (the CDM).

Since 2011, I’ve been working freelance and part-time as a Graphic Designer, Artist and UI Designer for various projects, including websites and games. My biggest art project up to now is The Last Crystal Co-op Adventure game, where I contribute as the Lead Artist, Co-producer and Community Manager. My passion is to create unique and beautiful worlds with inspirations from nature, music, myths, imagination and dreams.

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